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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Here she is  ... my white green grocer in all her beauty :) A few brick exchanges due to part shortages (apart from the obvious sand green exchanged for white which was purely fiscal) but still lovely I think. She is sitting between 2 of my smaller personal designs - toy shop and bakery.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Worlds slackest blogger ...
YES I own the title... BUT I've been busy so hope I am forgiven. 3 days till Switchbricks launch - picked up the keys to the hall this morning so its all a little real now !!! Minor setback yesterday when a table collapsed dumping Cafe Corner, Post office, hospital, pet shop, town hall, ice cream shop, a park and the fire brigade on the floor smashing them to pieces . Dad came to help put them back together and i pulled an all nighter and am pleased to say they are back up and running although I am slightly disturbed by the number of pieces I have spare after the rebuilding process ?!!? Anyway promise I will be more faithful this new year with the blogging process- besides which,  I will have lots of pics to share of Switchbricks come monday :)
ta ta for now
xx T

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Switch Brick Website is complete ! Yay ... my first attempt at web design and I think it turned out ok :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mini-photo shoot

 The final stages of the Switch Bricks website are coming together. We had a mini-photoshoot last week for some images for the site... here are  just a few. Unfortunately the zoo and pirate mocs are still far from finished so they had a few quick snaps as they were.  Designing a website has been an exciting challenge - i even worked out how to link to my blog from the site. Can't wait to hit the publish button and get things rolling!
Today we're off to pick up the material for the custom made free-build tables...i've picked out the paint colours too. Such fun ! Watch this space for pics

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The LEGO room re-fit is well under way! A second lot of shelves (like those pictured above left) for LEGO display will be fitted this weekend and a second custom built timber shelf system (photo above right) is being cleared ready for more parts. The parts pictured are currently categorised into colour and type (for parts in higher amounts or mixed colour like parts) And this little piggy sty (to the right) is the " MOC build area" looking very cluttered with LEGO waiting for space elsewhere. Once it has a home my pirate MOC (preview below right) which is in progress on the dining room table at the moment will move into the LEGO room for more work to continue towards its completion.  Down in the other half of the room a desk is planned for my day job (oh yeah that too!) and some more shelves on the wall for more display space. VERY exciting to see it coming together but a bit overwhelming at the same time - all that LEGO to build with so little time to devote to it !

Thursday, 16 August 2012

You can't stop progress....

My LEGO life goes in phases/cycles ... one minute I'm putting together sets, the next I'm dreaming of MOCs, the next I'm listing on ebay, or buying off gumtree, the next I'm ordering parts from Bricklink & putting together mod-mods (my new name for the classic modulars that I re-brick from scratch using parts vaariationds as I'm too cheap to build or buy original !) I clean off the dining room table every couple of week vowing to keep my LEGO contained and my building processes downstairs... lasts for about a day before I start coming back up stairs with tubs in hand ... This week I have taken over the dinner table to start my pirate MOC. Unfortunately I have run out of cliff-worthy slopes and base plates so I have kind of hit a brick wall until I can get more - some slopes are on order from USA at the moment so hopefully they may arrive before the weeks out but the baseplate issue is more pressing at present. I've requested a quote from a seller for postage but they are sloooooooooooooooow with responding which kind of makes me wonder what they will be like in posting - thinking i might have to re think that one and in the mean time pick up a few boards at retail price just to keep momentum up. But anyhow the above info was not the topic of todays post given that its largely about a lack of progress... Yesterday hubby and I made a giant leap forward in the set up of my LEGO space, About 8 months ago now we built in under our house with the intention of creating a space for hubbys drum habit and my lego habit (plus a space for visitors from OS). The tiling of said space has finally been finished and during the process of using the space in the last 8 months it has evolved in form and function - to cut a long story short - what once was my office corner in the main room (for my actual day job) is now hubby's drum corner and what was once the drum room/ guest space is now my office/lego room. So yesterday we popped up a few shelves and mapped out a plan of attack for the necessary furniture (allegedly to be completed this weekend) for me to start populating the space with my ever-multiplying supply of all things plastic brick ! Can't wait ... promise once its done I won't take over the dining room table again !!  

Sunday, 5 August 2012

And down they come again

Quiet week on the blog front... but been busy putting together some sets ready for planning around  the configuration for a pirate MOC/display for Switch Bricks. I have learnt a valuable lesson this week - never raid your personal stash for a new project (AKA chop shop moc and florist moc) unless you have finished putting together all your other sets  first as you are inevitably robbing from Peters brick supply to pay Paul so to speak... where is that black 1x8 brick , duh... MOCS about to be disassembled - will have to buy new bricks to put them back up again ;(

Back to the pirate moc... I wish I was as clever as MadLEGOman so I could make a kick-butt Kracken to do some attackin in my high seas ! I will try some lame attempt and post pics once it's done. I have started building cliffs and shore lines to accommodate various piratical buildings and still have a few ships etc to put together. The hunt for more bricks/plates in dark tan, tan and transparent is on too - i want to make shore line in the same way as this awesome work from Walt.